Zesty Little Star Holiday Camp

Join a Fun & High Quality Fitness & Dance Camp during Half Term.

During school half -term, I am offering 6-hour day camp, from 10 am to 4 pm. Your kids and I will enjoy a variety of fun filled fitness and dance activities in a very unique, supportive and intimate environment – Only 6 to 8 kids par day. My goals are to develop fitness and dance skills, nurture fun and creativity. 

 Your daughter can join 1 day, 2 days or the full 3 days. 

What your kids will enjoy?  After an Introduction, we will:

Part 1: Develop Fitness & Dance moves with 

1.1 Fitness Parkour – (60 min).
We will have different stations where your kid will practice different fitness exercises. We will use fun equipment: swiss ball, bean, half ball… 
Objectives: increase strength, coordination, balance and build strong core.

1.2 Zumba kids routines & dance games (60 min):

We will combine Latin steps such as Cumbia, Meringue, Salsa, dynamic dance warm-up and learn one urban pop choreographed routine. 

Then lunch (please bring a lunch box) & free time (30/40 min).

Part 2: Introduction to yoga kids (60 min)

Objectives: resting mind and increase flexibility and stretching. Yoga story telling, duo poses and relaxation.

Part 3
Art & Craft (120 min)
We’re adding two extra hours of art&craft class from 2 pm to 4 pm. Your kids will enjoy a unique crafting moment and come back home with a memory of the day.
Additional practical info:
Price: 1-day camp is £45*. 2-day pass is £80. 
3-day pass for only £110 (Only £36.5 a day)*** . 
Age: 6 to 11. Limited spaces. 8 kids per day
Your kid will be trained by a certified level 3 fitness and Zumba kids instructor, enjoy the uniqueness of a small group in a warm & cosy garden studio environment (outdoor classes as much as possible) at a very competitive price. 

Next camp will be our Zesty Easter Camp. Dates to be confirmed.