reap the award...

… of a ‘Zesty Fitness’ class, a  cocktail of invigorating sculpting circuit workouts,  dynamic dance and stretching relaxing sequence.

" Zesty Fitness "

I created the “Zesty Fitness Programme” inspired by my ballet, fitness and yoga experiences and from my willing  to combine the best of each discipline. I always imagine a “Combo Class” where I can enjoy all I love when I train: Body Toning, High or Low Intensity Circuit, Yoga Stretching Sequence, Dynamic Dance,  Calorie Burner, Boot Camp … 

“Why includes a zest of Zumba ?”

Zumba fitness is a great and fun way to move and express our body. It revitalises our bodies with simple, but effective fitness and dance steps. There’s a reason it’s so often called “exercise in disguise”! It allows us to fill the air with dance creativity and expression – all driven by infectious rhythms and music. Don’t worry if you’ve never done Zumba before. Don’t worry too if it’s been a long time since you’ve exercised your body and lungs. Zest For Life STUDIO is a space that I created especially for sharing the adventure of refilling, refuelling and energising in an warm and friendly atmosphere, free of judgement.

« Zesty Fitness » is an unique invigorating, powerful 75-min session breaking up into 5 effective parts:

[1] Warm-Up

Series of Dynamic wake up and stretching moves

[2] HITT or Low Impact Circuit

To elevate your heart beats while burning calories

[3] Sculpting & toning Workout

To refine & sculpt your abs, legs, and arms in rotation.

[4] Final Zumba Sequence

Up to 5 dynamic dance routines to have fun & express ourselves

[5] Cool Down & Stretching

we take time to relax and lean our body for maximum recovery.