Hi! I'm Marion,

founder of Zest For Life STUDIO, a unique place to share a zesty moment of movement, to embrace yourself, relieve your limits and Power Up.
If you need someone to infuse joy and enthusiasm to your exercise sessions, Zesty Fitness is the best programs and classes to go : I am passionate to give you a hint of vitality everyday, feel your body live again, awake your potential. Together, we share an invigorating session and enjoy … “Living at our ZEST(best)! 

Zesty Monthly News

‘Zest of Blooming’ from Jelly to Happy Belly

Introducing the newest Zesty Program addition and 5-week challenge.
For this new period of Spring and Summer season, I came up with a new challenge of Zest of Blooming Happy Belly to come together to feel stronger, more connected, awake yourself to the possible and embrace your skin, your home, your second brain.
* Have you ever done a fitness challenge before? Join my Zesty HAPPY Belly 5-week challenge.
You can do it in parallel to your current workouts you like to m-level up your results or a gently comeback to moving after months with little to no movement. 
* Did you know that our stomach is our body second brain? In fact, the nerve cells in our gut act as a brain, control our digestion all by itself. Your stomach plays a key role in how we manage our decision, mood, feelings… the gut instinct. 
But unfortunately this is where too often you feel disconnected, heavy, where our body loads all our body and mental weight. 
SO I wanted to help you to improve and start sculpting and further flatten our tummy over the next month as a beginning. 
DO IT! Join my New Zesty Happy Belly challenge. It is seriously one of the best thing you can do to JUMP-START your fitness and work towards your goal, so wanted goal. No more one day, delaying. Sabotage

We will kicking off every SATURDAY. To also celebrate my month birthday and the new month of summer accordingly to the Celts. From the darkness to the lightening.

* WHAT would you get:  For 5 weeks, enjoy A.B.S-Core 30-min workout program, along with exciting insight tutorials videos to refine technics, grow knowledge and power up your results.
Special Birthday PRICE:
For only £25 until Sat May 8th – Normal price £40

Access to the full Zesty Covid-19 Risk assessment and measures by clicking here

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Join me, live, either onsite or online every Saturday at 9.30am uk time from May the 1st. But you can start the program or do the fitness session WHENEVER you want again and again: all classes will be recorded. 
to enroll with me: challenges remain the best way to start and reach a goal that we have wanted for long.
Because no matter ho much we know, no matter how much we even are motivated on our own, being accountable helps us to stick, focus,
prioritise and shift back quickly when we drift. It is also fun to have that extra energy to make you do it and get results faster. 
* HOW* 
I will send you the link to buy the package and all the details – login details, intro video …
ARE YOU IN? I will be here to Spread my Zest; Awake you to the possible. Increase your energy. Make you Earn your body, mind well-being balance. 

Let’s get the feeling of revival !

In Zest and in Health. Marion Zesty.

Join me on a new journey of fitness
and reap the rewards of a ZESTY class!

Discover the 3 ingredients that make Zest For Life STUDIO a special fitness place:

A Unique Fitness Cocktail Programme

Combining a sculting bodyweight circuit with a fun Zumba sequence and relaxing leaning stretches. Zesty Fitness for optimum results of body TONING & BURNING fat. A variety of classes to choose from...

Small Class Size & Personal Touch

A real home and cosy studio for a maximum of Personal teaching.
Only 6 students per class.

Outdoor Garden Classes

Imagine exercising under a blue sky and trees, feeling the breeze and the warmth from the sun... in London! This is not a dream. For 100% pleasure and 200% work.

H.I.I.T + Strong sync with music

- Fat Burner -


- Matt circuit - Swiss (mini) Ball - Bands - Light weight

Zesty Cocktail
3 in 1

- Core. Low Cardio. Mobility


- Yoga Inspired -

ZUMBA Kids or Teens

Holiday Kids Camp

Personal Training

- Individual Session -


your zest







I love the new Zest for Life Studio course. It allows me to stretch my body smoothly and gain flexibility, in a very friendly atmosphere. I can't wait the next course!"

Natalie Spencer – Wembley

Un cours sympa, où tout "s'emboîte" parfaitement : zumba, renforcement musculaire et tout cela coaché de façon très pro, et on ressort totalement heureuse"

Natalie G- Baker Street

Create the best version of YOU with a Zest of Fitness.